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Waste tires are difficult to dispose of since their compounds are hard to break down without harming the environment. Fortunately, waste tire is the main component in our material. By using waste tires we turned our source into a renewable source. Once we have waste tires, we then convert it to crumb rubber.

Crumb rubber by definition is any material derived by reducing scrap tires or other rubber into uniform granules with the inherent reinforcing materials such as steel and fiber removed along any other type of inert contaminants. At this stage it is broken down and ready to mold using our specialized formulas and thus converting it into our rubber material.

40 Mesh – that is what we need We have special equipment, special technical improvements, and inventions. “Recover Technology” for rubber material. “Let waste tire have a second life!” Our rubber material is always from waste tire. All products from our renew rubber material. If some company needs rubber material, we can sell by the pound or by ton. Rubber material is used in a growing number of products and applications in a growing number of diverse markets.

They are virtually impervious to the elements; will not rust, splinter, crumble, rot, absorb moisture, or leach toxic chemicals into the environment even through very hot or very cold seasons. Also, they are completely impervious to infestation by insects.

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