Coast Wall

The rubber encased coast wall is highly durable. The rubber encased pillar is comprised of a steel-beam cored filled with concrete that is then encased with rubber material. Four pillars is held together by stronger steel beam that makes a "basic wall". Each pillar has a size of: 10” x 10” x 216”

The basic wall size is as follows: 40" x 10" x 216" with four pillars.
*If you require 5 pillars or more that is fine. We have coast wall system that is simple to install and easy to use.

Coast walls can be placed along all coast lines, riverbank, or riverside. The primary goal is for protection. The coast wall can form a protective system for mitigating local scour coast, river, or bridge piers.

All rubber encased products are expected to last 60 years more than wood. The materials can withstand salt water, fresh water, very hot, and very cold temperatures.

For information on the Coast Wall System, click here.